Awaken – The Spider Dream [Official Video] (At Home)

Filmed by each band member themselves, this video was done as a way to reach out to fans as well as celebrate the announcement of Awaken signing to Pure Steel Records. We all tried to show a bit of personality and make it as fun as we could.

Going through the experience of quarantine in 2020 wasn’t ideal but we tried to make the best out of it. This video also marks Eric Wirsing’s official video debut with the band! Check out our official links for more info on the band as well as our music!

Art direction and graphic design: Glenn DaGrossa
Video filmed by Mike Marrone, Glenn DaGrossa, Andrew Colyer, Eric Wirsing and Eddie Jucius.
Edited by Seth Reiber for VAST Videography
Concept and Direction by Mike Marrone.
Band marketing: Mike Marrone and Andrew Colyer